Each inmate in is afforded access to telephone services and access hours are usually between 8:30am and 10:30pm. During this time frame calls may be made to family and friends.  There are several options for an inmate to make calls to family and friends.  First, the inmate may call his party collect. The receiving party is advised of the calling party, their location, and gives them the option to accept the call and charges. Another option is for a friend or family member to create a pre-paid account with the vendor whereby the inmate can make calls and the costs are paid from the account. Further, an inmate may transfer money from his or her commissary account to pay for any calls that are made.

To set up a new account with Securus you may visit their website at https://securustech.net or call them at 1-972-734-1111.

Incoming calls, third party collect calls, or credit card calls are not authorized.

Emergency messages:

Incoming telephone calls for inmates cannot be transferred to housing areas and general messages for inmates will not be forwarded. However, in a verified emergency, a caller may leave a message that will be forwarded to the inmate concerned. To leave a message, dial 804-758-2338, ext. 238.