The Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center has strict inmate mail procedures for security and safety reasons. All inmates are advised of these regulations/guidelines via notices and the inmate handbook, which are subject to change at any time. Inmates are directed to notify anyone that might send mail or packages of the rules. Any mail or packages received that are contrary to these guidelines may be returned to the sender or disposed of as appropriate. Many of the items that are not allowed to be sent in by mail are readily available through the Canteen / Commissary Vendor.

The Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center will return any item(s) that are deemed potentially harmful and/or could possibly cause security concerns within the jail environment. Your cooperation when corresponding with an inmate will be greatly appreciated.

Digital Mail Process

The Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center has partnered with Securus to implement a Digital Mail process.  The policy change is due to the increase in contraband being smuggled in using the mail system, specifically with liquid drugs. These substances can cause significant health issues up to and including death due to overdose.


Effective March 14, 2022 personal mail will no longer be accepted by Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center in VA.

Download a copy of the Notice of Change to Mail Procedures.

All Personal Mail must be addresses in the following manner:

addressing securus digital mail

Once the mail is received a the Securus Digital Mail Center it will be digitally scanned and available to either be viewed on tablets and/or kiosk.

Failure to properly address the envelope may result in your mail being returned or delayed.

Pictures, drawings, etc. will be accepted for scanning, printed, and delivered in the same manner.

Anything that cannot be scanned will be returned to sender.  This includes, but is not limited to paper that exceeds 8.5×14 inches and all non-paper items.

All packages and certified mail will be returned to sender.

Any person sending any personal mail that wishes to have it returned to them must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope included with the original mail.

The following items must be mailed directly to the facility:

A. Legal Mail

B. Publications – Directly sent in from a publisher, distributor, or authorized retailer (as described in the Inmate Handbook and facility procedure)

C. Money Orders

These must be addressed directly to the facility, as follows:

legal mail publications money order addressingjpg


Newspapers, magazines, books, and catalogs will be mailed from the publisher. The Security Department will approve or disapprove, in whole or part, any issue if the contents compromise jail security, rehabilitation efforts or if the material is offensive to others. For example, there will nothing allowed with sexually explicit material, gang references, hate groups or tattooing just to name a few. In addition, offenders will not be allowed to receive any coloring books of any variety.

Contraband Mail

Any items found in incoming mail deemed as contraband will be seized and used when needed for a criminal investigation or prosecution. Cash or personal checks will be returned to sender at Inmate’s expense. A written notice listing the reasons for the seizure will be given to Inmate and the sender. The sender will be allowed the opportunity to appeal the action and challenge the seizure to the Superintendent.