Inmates are provided with the basic essentials such as clothing, bedding, shower shoes and three (3) meals a day. Inmates may purchase items from the canteen list provided to them for other essentials. Inmates who are indigent, (no money available), will be furnished with basic hygiene products. The only items that may be provided by family members are: money orders, cashier’s checks or certified checks made to the inmate, one set of court clothes may be provided as follows:

  • (1) One shirt or blouse
  • (1) One pair of slacks
  • (1) One pair of dress shoes (No Tennis Shoes)
  • (1) One pair of dress socks
  • (1) One dress tie
  • (1) One belt
  • (1) One full dress or skirt
  • (1) One suit jacket or sports coat
  • Appropriate female underclothing (no items with underwire)

Release of Property

Inmates are allowed to release their personal property to individuals outside of the facility. The inmate must submit a request form with the name of the person picking up the property and what property is being picked up. When the individual comes to pick up the property they must bring ID and sign for picking up the property. The individual picking up the property must be the person listed on the request by the inmate. Hours of pick up are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (normal Lobby hours).

Release of Property After Transfer

When an inmate is transferred to another facility, such as another jail, psychiatric hospital, DOC, etc, they will be required to fill out a Disposition of Personal Property form. Once the inmate is transferred the individual listed on the form will be contacted to pick up the property within 30 days of the transfer. Any property left after the 30 day time frame will be destroyed per the policy of MPRSC. Hours of pick up are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (normal Lobby hours).