Jail Authority

Essex County

Sheriff Walter Holmes
Honorable Sidney Johnson
Honorable A. Reese Peck (Alternate)

Mathews County

Sheriff L. Mark Barrick
Honorable Charles Ingram
Honorable O.J. Cole (Alternate)

King & Queen County

Sheriff J.R. Charboneau
Thomas Swartzwelder, Chairman
Honorable James Milby Jr (Alternate)

Middlesex County

Sheriff David P. Bushey
Honorable Marcia Jones
Honorable Mark (Chip) Holt (Alternate)

King William County

Sheriff Jeffery S. Walton
Honorable William Hodges
Honorable Dr. K. Charles Griffin (Alternate)

Authority Attorney

Attorney Bill Hefty

The Jail Authority Board meets monthly.  Dates, times, and agendas for Board Meetings may be found on our Jail Authority Board Meeting page.