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The facility offers various types of programs for Inmate's. Group Programs Adult Literacy Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) G.E.D. Testing and Preparation Life Skills Mental Health Services Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Religious Study Substance Abuse Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Community Programs Electronic Incarceration Program (E.I.P) - This program is designed to allow eligible offenders to be incarcerated within their homes. An offender can be placed on this program under three (3) conditions: 1. The court orders you to be placed if possible. 2. Court referral with approval of the Superintendent 3. Referral by program staff with approval of the Superintendent and the sentencing Judge. Work Release By the recommendation of the court, an Inmate may be placed in the Work Release Program. Inmates in this program are permitted to leave the facility to work. All work release Inmates are required to abide by all rules, policies and procedures of this facility. All conditions will be explained once the individual has been placed in the program. If the Inmate does not violate the rules, policies or procedures of this program, he/she will remain in the program until their case has been disposed.
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